What is Jet Lag and how to reduce its effects?

What is Jet Lag and how to reduce its effects?


What is Jet Lag?

Jet Lag is a name given to the problems derived from a temporary disruption of bodily rhythms. When we travel for long distances, through various time zones, disequilibrium appears between the local time and our own inner time.

Therefore our time for sleeping and eating can be strongly altered and we have to readapt our body to new time.

The frequent effects brought by Jet Lag are fatigue, general tiredness, digestive problems, memory loss, irritability, apathy, etc.

How can we reduce the Jet Lag effects?

Before catching the flight, try to adapt your body to this new time: change your sleeping time and go to bed or wake up earlier to approach to the time of your destination. You can also regulate your diet with food rich in proteins and carbohydrates for the dinner.

Try to sleep during the flight to arrive not so tired if you land during the day. On the contrary, try to avoid sleeping during the flight if you arrive at night to be enough sleepy to go to bed.

Remember that you can also use Orthoapnea comfortably on the plane in order not to bother other travelers and feel more relaxed.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks if you don’t want to affect your sleeping pattern.

Hydrate yourself during the flight and drink a lot of water to avoid the adverse effects of the dehydration.

When you arrive to your destination, try to export to sunrays and do exercises to maintain your body active. Exercises help to produce endorphins.

You’ll adapt very quickly with all these advices! Remember to consult with your doctor.

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