The University Hospital ‘Virgen de la Victoria’ of Málaga collaborates in Orthoapnea Study

Dr. Mercedes Martín Romero, responsible of the sleep unit of the University Hospital Virgen de la ‘Victoria of Malaga’, presents the results of the first clinical study Orthoapnea

According to the results, Orthoapnea mandibular advancement device is the best alternative for the treatment of snoring and sleep panea, with notable advantages over the traditional CPAP.


Dr. Mercedes Martín Romero, responsible for the unit of respiratory disorders of sleep in the University Hospital ‘Virgen de la Victoria’ of Málaga (Spain), participates in the ‘X World Congress on Sleep Apnea, Sleep Respiratory Disorders and Snoring” that Rome will host between 27th august and 1st september. During the congress, they will present the first results of the “Study clinical Orthoapnea in patients with syndrome of Apnea hypopnea in subjects with SHAHS mild-moderate” realized in collaboration with University of Málaga and Ortoplus.

The study has been realized in patients with syndrome of sleep apnea mild – moderate who followed a protocol while they used the orthoapnea treatment. The objective of the study is to determine the efficacy of intraoral devices in the treatment of the sleep apnea without having to resort to other invasive treatments or uncomfortable for the patient. The treatment of study consists of an intraoral device that allows airway openning to breathe easier and eliminating the snoring of the patient. the results indicate that it is the best alternative to other treatments as the traditional CPAP.

The study, conducted in collaboration with the University of Malaga, is being drawn up also at the international level in England, Italy, Holland, and Australia in the hands of professionals as Dr. Roy Dookun (President of The British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine; Dr. José Ceballos (Member academic of the Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia, SEDO) and Vice President of the Spanish Association of Oral sleep medicine (SEMODS). Dr. Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Dr. Franco Sacchi and Dr. Bas j. Njio also collaborate among others.

More information in:

University Hospital Virgen de la ‘Victoria of Malaga: www. huvv. es

Orthoapnea: www. orthoapnea. com

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