Snoring, an enemy in the relations of couple

Snoring, an enemy in the relations of couple


Snoring is defined as an acoustic phenomenon of varying intensity that is caused by the vibration of soft  orofaringeas structures and it produces a resistance of the air in the upper airway.

Snoring is one of the multiple causes that can cause a sleep though, although, in this case, the snore also influences in the rest of the companion. This abscence of sleep is manifested with irritability, decreased performance and deprives them of very important functions such as energy recovery, repair of the body or consolidation of memory.


Snoring can be a genuine social rejection because people who suffer it are discriminated and can produce them, in many cases, symptoms of inferiority, affecting directly to their self-esteem.

In many cases, this problem becomes a brake to find a relationship either to deteriorate the already existing. According to the World Health Organization (OMS), 45% of the world’s population snores. This disorder affects to the humour and health of couples who suffer it.

Snoring doesn’t only affects to the rest of  his/her companion,  usually brings consequences affecting the sexual activity of the couple. Although there are a lot of treatments for snorers, in many cases, they refuse it. Finally the couple rests separated during the night in different rooms.

According to a study by the British Association of snoring and Sleep Apnea, one of every two couples recognize that their sex life has been seriously affected by snoring. The study also shows that people who snore deprive his/her partner of two years awhile by every 24 to spend their lives together.

Snoring is not a cause of divorce but can be influence negatively in the relationship.


Firstly, is recommended lose weight, and if the snoring continues, is recommended to attend a pulmonologist that can determine the origin of the snoring with relevant evidence.

There are several alternatives for the chronic snoring treatment. The person may resort to nasal dilators or surgery, although surgery intervention doesn’t guarantee, on many occasions, the success.

Other treatment for snoring is the use of devices of mandibular advancement of type OrthoApnea, which use allows the increase the air in the air flow. This treatment is not invasive, and, at the moment, is the best alternative for the rest of the couple because, the device, is easy to use and to transport, is also little voluminous and requires very little time to adapt. This treatment can also be used for the treatment of pathological snoring and sleep apnea.

To sum up, the first step, before even start any treatment of those mentioned above, it should be the recognition of the problemcooperation and interest, especially by the snorer, to find a solution that makes possible the rest.

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  1. For about several years I had problems in the morning to stay awake to prepare the breakfast of my three children, to take them to school. I was really worried to fall asleep at the wheel, because of sleep dept in the night, though my husband was a loud snorer. One day I found a website called Orthoapnea, where a medical device was offered that treats with success sleep apnea patients and snorers. I asked for more information and forced my husband to visit the dental office. The dentist diagnosed sleep apnea accompanied by strong snoring. Well, I could affirm this. It is really incredible, but since he started to use the device, the whole family is happier again, me too, and of course my husband is happy that I went back to our bed again

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