OSA could be the reason behind your poor sleep quality

OSA could be the reason behind your poor sleep quality

Waked up tired after a long nights rest? Feeling drowsy and restless? OSA could be the answer to your pledges.After conducting many experiments researches claim that up to 4 percent of the population could be affected by this syndrome. There is still little knowledge on this subject if compared to other diseases such as syphilis, however the number of people around the globe who have OSA could be at least 50 or more times than that of documented cases of syphilis. Researchers have noticed this and in the last couple years there has been an intense race to discover the secrets of the syndrome. Medicare payments for sleep lab testing have increased from $62 million in 2001 to $235 million in 2009, according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General of the US.

What is OSA then? OSA, also known as obstructive sleep apnea is a condition, characterised by the clogging of the respiratory system and thus the stop of ventilation, mitigating the  blood oxygen saturation in our bodies.The individual with OSA is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening. It is recognised as a problem by others witnessing the individual during episodes or is suspected because of its effects on the body . OSA is commonly accompanied with snoring. Some use the term obstructive sleep apnea syndrome to refer to OSA which is associated with symptoms during the daytime. Symptoms may be present for years or even decades without identification, during which time the individual may become conditioned to the daytime sleepiness and fatigue associated with significant levels of sleep disturbance. Individuals who generally sleep alone are often unaware of the condition, without a regular bed-partner to notice and make them aware of their symptoms.

Until now the only mechanism of defence practioners had  was CPAP, however this has proven completely obsolete and extremely exasperating for the patient to use. However recently there has been new oral appliances such as Orthoapnea which have dramatically changed peoples lives, proving to be a revolutionising product. The difference between this product and other with similar characteristics is that this allows lateral movement, as well as forward movement; meaning a completely different experience, in which the patient notices immediately, to their satisfaction and well-being, the results.

source: Orthoapnea Snoring and obstructive Apnea, Jesus Garicia

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