OrthoApnea testimony

My name is Daniel Peñagaricano Vázquez. I am a specialist in anaesthesia and emergency medicine. Since 2002 I suffer from sleep apnea and I was treated several years with the CPAP mask. I have already tried different mask types and I have adjusted them, too (as it was possible for me, because of my profesion), I really had problems to get used to this machines.
The results were disappointing. Dr. José Montes, maxillofacial surgeon, whom I got to know in the clinic Sta. Elena in Torremolinos, recommended me Orthoapnea.

I got made the mandibular advancement device and it works perfectly, studying the efficiency with a polysmonography, while using the appliance. I was so convinced of the results, that I got made another one, in exchange, as I travel a lot.
I am using that two splints now more than 5 years and they still work, without any problems. Fortunately also my denture has not change during all this time. These are my experiences as a patient and user of intraoral mandibular advancement appliances against snoring and sleep apnea.

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