OrthoApnea successfully participated in the WASM 2013

OrthoApnea successfully participated in the WASM 2013

OrthoApnea participated with a booth at the exhibition where numerous professionals from different health branches (neurophysiologist, pulmonologist, ENTs, etc.) from different countries showed their interest on the OrthoApnea device for the treatment of OSAHS. The features of the OrthoApnea devide were explained to the interested specialists and were provided with contact details of OrthoApnea collaborators in their country of origin.

OrthoApnea also supported the authors of three medical studies regarding the treatment of OSAHS with the OrthoApnea device that were presented at the congress:

– Mercedes Martin Romero – Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria, Malaga (Spain).

– Joao Lopes Fonseca – Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte EPE, Lisbon (Portugal).

–  Alex Ferré – Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona (Spain).

Download abstract

Abstract – Mercedes Martín Romero

Abstract – Alex Ferré

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