Orthoapnea collaborates in the X World Congress on Sleep Apnea in Rome.

Orthoapnea will present at the X World Congress on Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Sleep Disorders and Snoring (27 August-1 September) the “Clinical Study of Orthoapnea in patients with syndrome of Apnea Hypopnea in subjects with SHAHS” by Dr. Mercedes Martin Romero, the responsable for the unit of sleep respiratory disorders at the Hospital “Virgen de la Victoria” in Málaga (Spain). The doctor will shed the first results of the investigation.

The study, realized in colaboration with the Malaga’s University, is also being realized internationally in England, Italy, Holand and Australian by proffessionals like Dr. Roy Dookun (President of “The Bristish Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine). They also cooperate, among others, Dr. Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Dr. Franco Sacchi and Dr. Bas j. Njio.

Orthoapnea will also be represented at the Congress by the presence of Dr. Javier Vila Martin, trainer veteran of the certification courses, Orthoapnea, who will present his paper on the use of intraoral devices in the treatment of the SHAHS.

On the other hand, Orthoapnea also colaborates sponsoring the event. It will be present with an stand in the comercial area (S2, ground  floor). This is the program.

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