Jet-lag impairment by the time zone change

Jet-lag impairment by the time zone change

It is the alteration of ciarcadian rhythm more common and less serious. It is a loss of synchronization caused by a time change to travel to geographic latitudes with different time zones than usual. This mismatch affects circadian mechanisms that maintain the characteristics of the point of origin.

It is characterized by alternating states of alertness and sleepiness at not appropiate time of day, poor performance and decay. The extent of this disorganization is directly proportional to the distance traveled and trasmeridional depending on the direction of displacement, ie Westbound our circadian rhythm is lengthened and the body adapts better than facing the opposite effect of shortening the cycle in the Travel to the east. It is temporary and the adjustment is achieved at the most in six days of the return depending on individual circumstances.

To reduce the effects of jet lag would be wise to consider the following tips:

– Resting before the trip.

– Follow a healthy diet: it directly affects the impact of side effects.

– Adapt to the time zone before traveling.

From: Orthoapnea: Snoring and Obstructive Apnea. Solutions to sleeping problems. Ripano 2011

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