Contrary to general positions, that snoring is a disturbing, but harmless phenomenon, recent studies have showed, that this is not the case.

Is snoring only an exception of our nocturnal life, as it occurs usually at increased alcohol consumption or diseases of the paranasal sinus, you can go to bed unworried. however, that looks entirely different in case of chronic snoring: the shortage of the cerebration with oxygen may have in the long term considerable consequences for the daily life. Not only permanent fatigue and lack of concentration are factors, from which suffer affected people, it may also come to physiological effects, that can have negative influence on the cardiovascular- and nervous system. more good reasons to deal more precisely with the issue, as we are honest: who snores never ever?

To ignore this topic could be disastrous, in fact, in extreme cases snoring may intensify to the widespread disease sleepapnea.This is so a problem, cause the vast majority does not even know, that it suffers from sleep apnea. Not until then, in this (late) stage, when the spouse awakes with a start, because his / her parnter stops breathing several seconds during the night, it becomes more and more clear, that this is not only an acoustic problem. Not forgetting that the same partner is affected in the same way and he has also to pay the price for the nocturnal wakefulness.

Now many possibilities are offered for treatment. From nose plaster to hypnosiseverything is possible, without obtaining any success, as it is purely physiologically not possible.

snoringAs really effective methods cpaps (vacuum machine) for severe apnea are provided, unfortunately the mask is not very comfortable and esthetical, but they achieve one’s object entirely.
he surgical procedure offers a solutions, in which the uvula is folded to the top (uvulaflap), parts of the soft palate are removed or in case of crooked nasal septum (deviation), it is straightened, but it does not guarantee 100% of permanent success (quite apart from the operational risks).

An opportunity, which still attaches little importance, is the use of antisnoring devices. these are prescribed by dentists (please note!) and work through the simple advancement of the mandible (protrusion), so that the upper airway is kept free and the sleep apnea patient (or snorer) can breath again, without any disturbances through the night.

The goal is not only to purchase therapeutic appliances, but also to use them regularly: there is no medicine against snoring or sleep apnea!

applianceOf course the aim is to sleep renewable, as sleep is not only rest, but also a vital necessity. this can only be achieved by maximum comfort. An antisnoring device, with which the patient can not sleep, because of limited free movement, massiveness and weight, will not use it anymore. here it must be recoursed to appliances, which are able to compensate these disadvantages. Orthoapnea, a new appliance attract attention by its success in patients, because of its unique free movement and its convenient handlingto. Good sleep means, not to notice, that an appliance is in use. as orthoapnea allows opening of jaw and lateral movement at the same time, it ensures, that this device does not fall out during the night.

Another problem with which affected people are confronted with is the lack of information flow between patient, physician and dentist. That there exist simple solutions for snoring and sleep apnea, like orthoapnea, the patient mostly does not even know. His first contact point is often the ent doctor and not the dentist. About 3.5% of men and 2% of women suffer from sleep apnea, a quarter of those patients could be assisted. therefore, the communication between physiologist and odontologist is essential. Nowadays the patient is (understandably) thanks to the internet almost better informed than many physicians. A good basis, but also dentists and sleep physicians should be able to offer their patients this kind of treatment by cooperation and further education in this field. For cost and quality reasons ultimately all will benefit from this. And what is the biggest compliment to a doctor than, by the influence on sleep, to change positively the life of their patients.


  1. Great post – thanks for sharing! There are many solutions to the conditions snoring and sleep apnoea. It’s important you’re diagnosed correctly before finding a solution, as the cause of your snoring could be an obstruction in your throat due to the throat closing, or your tongue could be causing the problem.

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