III InternationalCongress of Sleep Apnea in Odontology

III InternationalCongress of Sleep Apnea in Odontology

Sleep Apnea Congress 2012III InternationalCongress of Sleep Apnea in Odontology brings together the presidents of the european societies of sleep medicine.

If we were to draw a standard profile of a patient with SAHS, we would describe a man of middle age, between 40 and 65 years, habitual snorer (with a long clinical history of snoring that usually began in his childhood), overweight, hypertensive, and who suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness. Usually the apnea patient is an obese male person, although this characteristic is not exclusive and the disease also occurs in women, especially postmenopausal women and young men with and without overweight. The clinical manifestations of the sleep apnea syndrome are the result of the interaction of anatomical, neural and genetic factors that converge in the development of pathology.

On Februatry 17-18, 2012 the III International Congress of Sleep Apnea in dentistry will be held at the Convention Center MAPFRE in Madrid. This conference will be attended by over 300 specialists from around the world and it will present the latest results on training, trials and developments in the treatment of the apnea syndrome / obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrom (OSAHS) and snoring, as well as the latest developments in intra-oral devices.

The conference will be chaired by Dr. Javier Vila Martin, a prestigious physician specialized in ENT, dentistry and treatment of sleep apnea.

This edition will include the sponsorship of 10 commercial houses, experts in this field and the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (SEMODS). They will offer their latest products at the exhibition during the two conference days. As in previous years the congress will be coordinated by the executive technical secretariat by the event management company Groupo Orbita.

The program, developed by the Scientific and Organising Committee for this year’s Third International Congress of Dental Sleep Apnea will discuss issues of great interest, as the role of surgery in OSA, sleep breathing disorders, the therapeutic alternatives in patients with OSAHS, clinical trials on intraoral devices, among others. The Congress will present also prestigious and experienced international and national speakers that boast with a large number of trials and awards. The attendees are professionals related to sleep medicine, neurophysiologists, pulmonologists, ENT’s and dentists, among others.

At international level, we will attend lectures of Dr. Anette Fransson, president of the European Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, the presidents of the British and Dutch societies, Dr. Roy Dookun and Dr.Aarnoud Hoekema, Mr. Edward Grandi, director of the American Association of Sleep Apnea, and presentations of important experts with a large number of clinical trials such as Dr. Marie Marklund (Sweden) and Dr. Oliver M. Vanderveken (Belgium).

In terms of national speakers, the conference is supported by highest standard specialists such as Dr. Francisco Javier Puertas, Eduard Estivill, Joaquin Terán, Joaquín Durán Cantolla, Eduardo father, Alexander Ferré, Delia Linares, Rosario Fernández Magnavacca, Bruno Ardanza, Carlos Council Enrique Fernandez, Sara Diaz and Mercedes Martin, all with extensive formations in the treatment of sleep breathing disorders and diagnosis.
The lack of diagnosis is the main problem both physicians as patients are confronted with. The lack of medical awareness about the underlying mechanisms and symptoms, precludes a professional diagnosis. According to recent trials, only 5 to 9% of the population with a significant SAHS, requiring treatment, is diagnosed. As a multifactorial pathophysiology, the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome can often be misinterpreted as a state of chronic fatigue. It is necessary to establish a differential diagnosis against similar diseases and associated symptoms such as snoring, simple snoring or hypersomnias that are presented as daytime sleepiness and that are distinct entities to the SAHS. Another problem that patients and medical professionals are faced with is the lack of hospitalisation in specialized units of sleep breathing disorders. Although sleep units have tripled in the last decade, there still exist a high percentage of patients waiting for diagnosis.

At the end of this Congress the professional obtain a detailed knowledge of the “know how” in the treatment of sleep apnea by getting an overview and understanding of these pathologies. Besides, the Congress will serve as a meeting point for those who have the sound intention to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Registration: www.congresodeapnea.es/inscripcion.html
Scientific program: www.congresodeapnea.es/program-cientifico.html

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