Hanham Dental laboratory has just signed up a contract with Orthoapnea

Hanham Dental laboratory has just signed up a contract with Orthoapnea, S. L. to become supplier of the Orthoapnea appliance in the UK.

The laboratory of Málaga has incorporated a new department dedicated to the advanced 3 D technology.

On the 25th and 26th April 2011 an international course about sleep apnea and the manufacture process of the Orthoapnea appliance took place in the business premises of the company. During the training the participants worked with the Orthoapnea team, studying the methods and fabrication techniques to become an affiliated partner laboratory and to get the necessary formation about the Orthoapnea and sleep apnea treatment.

Assistants and participants of the course about sleep apnea and the manufacture of the Orthoapnea appliance.

At the same time the British laboratory Hanham Dental has signed up officially the accordance of the fabrication of Orthoapnea in the UK. Hereby they become one of the various European partners that operate with the intraoral Orthoapnea device, as a solution to snoring and sleep apnea problems.


On the other hand, the dental laboratory Ortoplus focuses on innovative technology, incorporating into the company a new department, dedicated to the latest 3D technology. Ortho3D is the name of the new department under the direction of the engineer Ana Fernández. Ortho3D will offer high quality solutions to manufacturers of the sector.
Therefore Ortoplus is fast approaching the advanced technology of 3Shape, with 3D scanners and the software equipment for the application of orthodontics, by becoming the official distributor of the brand in Andalusia, Murcia and Portugal.

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