Do musical instruments prevent from OSA?

Do musical instruments prevent from OSA?

The latest study reveals that the risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be lowered when playing the wind musical instruments.

Let’s take it from the beginning. Obstructive Sleep apnea starts when a person is not able to breathe during the sleep because of the collapse of upper airways permeability. A person feels discomfort when sleeping and is basically not able to breathe properly through the oral cavity. The muscles in the throat are brought so tight together that a patient experiences several breath pauses while sleeping which may result, in the worst cases, in a sudden death.

There are, of course, some solutions to this serious problem. It is mainly using either CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine or intraoral appliances. The usage of CPAP is recommended for more serious cases but the patients usually do not tolerate this kind of treatment and they usually switch to treatment by intraoral devices instead (recently the best one on the market is the mandibular advancement device by Orthoapnea).

As the study has shown, there is a way how to prevent this unpleasant disorder. Playing wind musical instruments and therefore exercising and strengthening throat muscles seems to be a good step towards preventing this serious disorder.

The research was conducted in India between 64 people who played a wind instrument and 64 people who didn’t. The results haven’t shown any significant differences in the lung function between the two groups. However, another surprising result came from this research. Theoretically, the good prevention from developing the serious disorder called Sleep Apnea could be playing a musical instrument because it lowers the risk of developing the disease. Logically, if we strengthen the muscles in the throat, they are not going to collapse so easily because everything gets better with practice.

To sum up, if you already suffer from Sleep Apnea, you should choose from the recommended treatments as soon as possible. If you belong to the people who are snoring (and be careful also with a simple snoring because it can be a first sign of Sleep Apnea), you can try to learn how to play a wind instrument. Hopefully, your snoring gets better and you won’t suffer from this unpleasant disease in the future.


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